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Importance of preserving food

According to studies, approximately 1.3 billion tons of food produced annually goes to waste. Of course, it is evident failure to preserve the food is one of the main reasons why these foods are no longer edible. That is why it is safe to assume that food preservation is critical in our effort to lessen the food wastes. Obviously, this method will not completely solve the problem. However, it is apparent that food preservation can make a significant impact.



On the side note, it is given that food preservation could not be made possible if not because of additives.  As we all know, food additives are substances that are added to preserve the quality of the food.


An excellent example of these additives is Carrageenan. The primary use of Carrageenan is thickeners of food. Hence, Carrageenan is typically used in dairy products. As a matter of fact, if you take a closer look at carrageenan how stuff works, you will be surprised to learn the significance of this additive.


With this, it is safe to assume that additives are an integral part of food preservation. ON that note, keep on reading to have some insights on the advantages of food preservation.

Food Supply

With food preservation, it is evident that the food supply will increase too. As a matter of fact, food preservation is an integral part of ascertaining that a specific country has enough food for its constituents. In addition, without the process of food preservation, grocery stores will have to deal with constant food supply shortage.


As we all know, tons of people are fond of imported goods. Of course, it is apparent that food products could not be marketed overseas without the process of food preservation.

Less Wastage

Carrageenan in jarsAs what was mentioned above, nowadays, the amount of food going to wastage is massive. On the other hand, if you preserve food, then you can save it from being considered as a waste. The leftovers, as an example, if not because of food preservation, the leftovers will surely go to waste.

Out Of Town Trips

It is given that some individuals are fond of bringing food when going for a road trip. However, imagine if the food is no longer edible due to the fact that no food preservatives was applied to it? Hence, it goes without saying that food preservation is critical when going out of town.

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In summary, it is evident that without the existence of food preservation, people are likely to suffer food scarcity. Of course, it is a fact that food preservation has its share of disadvantages too. However, it is important to note that the cons of food preservation are nothing compared to the benefits it brings to the table.